Slow Mover is an album created by Ryan A. McShane – under the name Ry No.

Production of the album began in 2014, to be my debut, although in June 2016 I released my actual debut called Wise Cracker (I made that record in 3 months). Wise Cracker is meant to be seen as a prequel to Slow Mover, or an appetizer in a way.

This album is dedicated to the people who spend a lot of time on trains or alone in their rooms creating. This is where I made it, I hope it inspires others to do it too – it’s not hard to just do.

Throughout the course of creating the album, I discovered and learnt from so much music. From Beefheart to Bacharach, Micachu to Moondog – here’s 3 mixes of stuff I love, stuff I leant on and stuff I learnt from.

Artwork, direction and concept by Ryan A. McShane

Music produced, written, arranged and performed by Ry No

“Apple & Blue, Different Hue” produced by Gold Moth and features Prince Naeem & Tommy Codling. Additional production by Alabaster on the track "Apple & Blue"

Mastered by Antonia Gauci

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